The Artist & The Man


Bernard Clendenin's career has encompassed the worlds of fine art, technology and music. Additionally, he is a highly respected and gifted graphic arts specialist. His interests also include writing, television production, behavioral science, management development and training as well as community development. Bernard's oil paintings have been exhibited in major shows and galleries, garnering awards throughout the United States.

During a twenty year span, Mr. Clendenin has either started and/or managed the technical art departments of large multinational corporations such as Douglas Aircraft, Ramo-Wooldridge (Space Technology Labs), and Aerospace Corporation. He was also appointed head of the Audio Visual Department of the Data System Division of Litton Industries. At Litton he was involved with computer technology per missiles on naval ships.

Mr. Clendenin pursued his interest in the field of behavioral science and management development and training as a member of the prestigious National Training Labs for Applied Behavioral Science. His accomplishments include: creating Equal Employment Opportunity standards and officiating in training labs (T-groups) and encounter seminars. These groups involved the personnel of Hughes Aircraft, American Association of University Women (AAUW), TRW, Watts Manufacturing, UCLA, Synanon, U.C. Irvine and others.

Aware of community responsibilities, Clendenin initiated the fight against unfair minority hiring practices in the Los Angeles City and County Fire Departments which resulted in successful litigations and landmark decisions affecting the nation as a whole. The court decisions put the Fire Departments under a twenty five year court control until the system fulfilled its civil obligations without prejudice. Bernard Clendenin served as chairman of the mental health and hospital community groups. He was a member and lecturer of, and for, drug coalitions and committees, including a Presidential Advisory Task Force.

In 1981, Clendenin was asked to join the National Defense Executive Reserve as a Communications specialist. NDER is under the guidance of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He completed twelve years of service, receiving an honorable discharge. Including his service in the Army during WWII, Clendenin has three honorable discharges for service to his country.


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