Past Exhibitions

Partial Exhibitions (Fine Art)

  • CREW-LA 21st Wine Tasting Event
  • Windfeather Inc., Windfeather Harvest Masquerade Ball
       Donated two paintings to silent auction to help provide college scholarships for Native American Youth.
       Connie Stevens, Executive President.
       Will Smith, Chairman, Silent Auction Committee.
  • Ventura County National Bank
  • Home of Professor & Mrs. Donald J. Zirpola
  • Roxbury On Sunset Boulevard: Hosted by Norm Nixon and Dr. William Hayling, Jr.
  • Home of Actress Sunni Walton
  • Laemmle Theatre, on Pico Blvd.
  • Royal Theatre for L.A. Psychological Association
  • Special limited edition of large drawings.
  • Galleries in Manhattan Beach, L.A.
  • And in Hermosa Beach, L.A.
  • Long Beach Art Museum
  • Santa Monica Library
  • Orange Show of L.A.
  • Started Douglas Aircrafts Art Exhibitions
  • And Aerospace Corporation's Art Exhibitions
  • Judged various Los Angeles shows
All prints are available on loose canvas, canvas foam board as well as our choice of watercolor paper. For special requests, please Contact Us to request a quote.