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Illustrated Method for Flute

A book of instructions based not only on the musical and teaching experience of its authors, but also on current research in the physics of sound production in the flute and physiological and anatomical aspects of flute playing. The Illustrated Method of Flute uses the resources of language, illustration, and photography to help you to learn to play the flute quickly and successfully.

Approved and Recommended by Jean-Pierre Rampal, World's Greatest Flutist.

Sheridon W. Stokes & Richard A Condon
Bernard S. Clendenin in 1969

Table of Contents

  • p.1 Assembling the flute
  • p.3 Balancing the flute
  • p.5 Position of hands and arms
  • p.8 Posture
  • p.10 Breathing and breath control
  • p.15 Exercises for breath control
  • p.17 Embouchure
  • p.24 Dynamics, range and intonation
  • p.26 The throat and vibrato
  • p.29 The tongue
  • p.30 A word about practice
  • p.32 Summary
  • p.33 Beginning exercises and songs

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