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The Boy and His Dinosaur
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The Boy and His Dinosaur Back Cover


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“The Boy and His Dinosaur” is best described as a cross between “Home Alone” because of the intricate slapstick comedy, with the spirit of international governmental espionage that all comes together in a traditional Hollywood ending.

About the Author

Arlene McGunn-Clendenin, M.F.A. has brought her considerable talent as a screenwriter to create a story both entertaining and educational.

Other Publications: In 2010 Arlene and her late husband Bernard S. Clendenin published “Being Female” then in 2013 Arlene published three children’s books. Bernard completed the illustrations prior to his death in March of 2013. As a final tribute to his creative genius, the complete series of “The Adventures of the Yellow Beak Bird” was published


An imaginative thriller for a 21st century boy! Both tender and tension - filled, this book connects a boy's love of his best friend, a dinosaur, with his devotion to his father whose secret identity puts him in the cross hairs of an evil international group of imaginative thriller for a 21st century boy!
- Carolyn Brown
Truly as entertaining as it is educational! As a former library assistant of nearly three decades, I have found that children' s literature mainly falls into two categories: pre-teen fairy tale fantasy or elementary school textbook. The Boy and His Dinosaur is a nice mash-up of both those categories. While entertaining in an action-adventure vein moreover it includes a glossary in the back on various variety of dinosaur species. A very creative, updated reinterpretation of the standard 'Boy and his dog story" indeed!
- Michael

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